| 19 April 2009

THE BITTER and BROKEN MEN'S CHORUS has been together for 10 years, they are Tom Fettig (of Fettig Tile fame, a family business for over 50 years) on vocals and Chris Vetromile on guitar. They have been friends since High School. Both are aging punk rockers who have been in several loud and naughty bands over the years, like PHILTH SHACK, STUDLORDS, SPEEDBUGGY and OVERNITE SENSATION, but have now gone the way of aging punkers, acoustic. However, age and lack of amplification has not lessened their punk rock sensibilities. They are from Orleans.

HOBO VILLAGE are some Wellfleet local color consisting of Grateful Ted Lucas on mandolin, vocals and indoor plumbing, Chris Manulla, guitars, vocals and bivalves (deputy Shellfish Constable of Wellfleet) and Jack Ravenshield on guitar, bass and vocals and are a transcendental proto punk psychedelic folk rock trio. They have been picking and strumming across clam flats, dunes and bars in various incarnations and groups through out the outer Cape, including DIRTY PEARL, SUPERSOUL, ATOM OF LOVE and TERRADACTLE.

Mary J Martin is of course the Outer Cape's high priestess of Uke, a known piker (who owes me $20) and all around bon vivant. MJM started playing Ukulele in Nova Scotia, were she was part of J. CHALMERS DOANE'S group of young Uke players who toured eastern and central Canada eh, and Vermont, made albums and appeared on national radio and television. Sasha Von BonBon, founder and leader of the Toronto burlesque group, SCANDELLES says MJM is their "Uke Diva at large, notorious for blistering LED ZEP solos. She frequently jams with New York's UKULELE-CABARET and Boston's UKULELE NOIR. She is a STRONG believer in the ukulele's versatility in relation to karmic re-alignment. She lives in Provincetown.

Also, it's $10 dollars at the door ($8 with your WOMR member card). 3 bands, and FREE BBQ while supplies last, provided by RUSS and MARIE'S MARCONI BEACH RESTAURANT in beautiful South Wellfleet. Libations are also served, provided by Kevin and all the kind simpatico souls at THE WELLFLEET SPIRIT SHOPPE.

THE SQUID JIGGER'S HOOTENANY REVIVAL and BBQ is the 8th installment of WOMR's HELLTOWN CITY LIMITS series, produced and created by Tony Scungilli, host of WOMR's savagely popular, SQUID JIGGER'S BALL heard the whole world wide (very BIG in Korea) on Outermost Community Radio, 92.1 FM or streaming on

Tune in to THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL on streaming WOMR or 92.1 FM on April 19th, THIS SUNDAY from 9 to Midnight for preview of coming attractions of Salvation, true and fine. And for those of you who missed it, the set list is all here, THE SQUID JIGGER'S HOOTENANY REVIVAL 19 April 2009 Also, features a few cuts by Peter Stampfel, solo and with THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS, here is a clip from a concert for the release of the documentary on THE HMR, called BOUND TO LOSE:

Also found some video footage of MJM performing at the WOMR Studio from April of 2008, during the final stop of THE UKULELE CARAVAN for a night called UKULELE LEFTOVERS:

Be just and fear not, fellow Squid Jiggers.


| 07 April 2009

The latest installment of THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL for 5 April 2009 was a lecture series on the birds, the bees and the butterflies, the flowers, the trees, and the squiddies (an English-language idiomatic expression which refers to courtship and sex). The phrase is evocative of the metaphors and euphemisms often used to avoid speaking openly and technically about the subject. According to tradition, the birds and the bees is a metaphorical story sometimes told to children in an attempt to explain the mechanics and consequence of sexual intercourse through reference to easily observed natural events such as plant pollination. Yeah baby. Hopefully, you all learned a little something. Also, feel free to use it again. Put all your little chillen' down in front of the radio and play the set list and they will be all set. Simpatico, you dig? Again, no thanks is needed, it's a community service we aim to provide.
Spring has sprung. You feel it? A dip in your hip and that glide in your stride? In spring, the axis of the Earth is increasing its tilt toward the Sun and the length of daylight rapidly increases for the relevant hemisphere. The hemisphere begins to warm significantly causing new plant growth to spring forth. Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born. The term is also used more generally as a metaphor for the start of better times. Yeah baby, so dig yourself and be groovy. Go out and do something nice for someone.
Also, we paid some tribute to the late LUX INTERIOR of THE CRAMPS. He passed into perverted glory in February. THE SJB chose to celebrate his achievements and have one more down low ultra twist in his honor:

And of course since we are dancing:

Happy Happy Happy SPRING everyone, enjoy it. Finest Kind. Heigh ho.
Wowie Zowie, our pal Table Top Joe gave us the heads up on this one. He also stated that "you know there's a GOD when you can freely access this stuff". Amen.

BEWARE THE IDES of MARCH (a little late) REDUX

| 06 April 2009

Well now it seems that the mystery of the vanishing SJB post has been solved. It seems there was an issue with a bit of copyright infringement. Oops. All apologies to PRINCE and his Management.
So, here is what I remember was posted (minus the infringement, of course)

The entire set list for THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL 15 MARCH 2009 is just a click away, head over and give it the once over. It seems pretty self explanatory.

Also, we had given up some props to the folks over at IRON LEG for all the great and always entertaining posts. He wrote an amazing description of THE SONICS that summed up THAT band completely. It goes as follows:
If’n you aren’t hep to the Sonics, you mi amigo ought to climb out of your bomb shelter and back into the sunlight, on account of the fact that Gerry Roslie and his gang of thugs tore a hole in the Pacific Northwest during the 60s that shall not soon be mended by either time or anyone’s good intentions.

It was as if Satan himself pulled up to a mental hospital, handed out a truckload of geetars, organs and drums, plugged it all in and sat back and laughed as his creation ran amok. The Sonics were – to borrow an unfortunate but entirely apt phrase – the musical equivalent of “retard strength” – in which pure, unbridled animal energy, mixed with an electrified libido and marinated in grain alcohol is reduced to a serum, injected into Little Richard, who then went to the zoo, mated with a hyena in a swimming pool during an electrical storm then took their unholy spawn into a recording studio (during a tornado) and whipped up something very, very heavy. One of the heaviest products of this union is the song ‘Psycho’, which opens with a drummer who sounds like he’s playing with his feet, followed soon by Roslie’s howling and the rumblings of the frat band from hell. Honestly, there were moments when the Sonics made Screaming Jay Hawkins sound like Bobby Short (look it up…). It’s powerful stuff and shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach, lest you burn a hole in your feedbag and end up attached to a series of tubes somewhere. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, because I just did.
Brilliant, and to help illustrate that point, I found this here Mondo Video a-go-go:

The SJB aloso recently got HEP to an obscure garage band from days of yore called KIT and THE OUTLAWS. They have a tune called DON'T TREAD ON ME that should be covered by almost every band, but isn't (heads up up up the Steve Woo Woo Wood).

Finest Kind, true believers, Finest Kind.

And finally last but not least, BIG BIG BIG THANKS to our buddy Tom Brogan for filling in on the old SJB, always greatly appreciated. His playlist is right here SJB 29 March 2009

Tom Brogan is also ON every Sunday from Midnight to 2AM hosting his own show, THE FUNNY THING on WOMR. Do check it out it's full of some Belly Achin' guffaws.