| 12 May 2009

Ciao bella, Baby's, the lastest installment of THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL on 3 May 2009 was pure vitaphonic high fidelity Mondo Squido. It was groovy.

It was a sweet ride. A wild trip into the world of the Now Generation, you dig?

All you Squid Jigger's out there making the sweet ride know the score, that one moment when you know that you are aces high. It's Mondo Squido! It's a latino tempo with an overlay of today's rock beat. It's new fangled. It's a bit funky. It's a high souled fiesta. It's Mondo Squido! It's the latest, freshest, spiciest rhythm yet concocted for all you hot-blooded Squid Jigger's and modern-day Squid Jiggerettes.

Nothing is lost in the translation. That's right Baby, the influence is a sock it to me a-go-go. it's Mondo Squido! It's basic rhythm is tribal, and it's intensity is ritualistic, pagan and voluptuous.

Although undisciplined, a rhythmic and melodic blend emerges: subtle on one level, barbaric and frenetic on the other. It's Mondo Squido!

We also went on a Love Bacchanal with Nature, baby.

Grazing in the grass under the sun shine on some velvet morning smelling the flowers and watching the frolic of sonic butterflies, while mermaids swam in the light reflected off of the oceans of the moon in our minds, can you dig it?

It's Utterly simple. It's Instant Dharma.

It's Mondo Squido!