Gone Casual

| 08 June 2009

Well now friends, your friendly neighborhood Squid Jigger here. It is that time of year again out here in the fringes. This little way gone spit of sand that hangs in the Atlantic is over run by the migratory patterns of The Summer Dinks. And so, those of us hearty and foolish enough to call this place home head to work. Ah yes friends, the back slapping good times that is seasonal food service have begun. Be just and fear not for it is also the time of the season when THE WELLFLEET BEACHCOMBER is open for business. And that dear friends is where I will be any and every given Sunday until Labor Day. Yes, a vodka tonic in my hand and a quasi-permuted watusi in my heart as I dance with white boy abandon to the real Now Sounds of THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS.

Who the? What the? When the? Where the? Why the? How the? are the INCREDIBLE CASUALS you ask? A simple explanation:

And so, with that THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL/BLOG will be taking a small yet very essential hiatus. See you in the fall. But for now, it's Summertime:


JAbel said...

Did you see that Ventures Guitarist Bob Bogle passed awy.


That is some tragic news, He will be missed. Into the great pipeline...

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