| 18 February 2009

Well now, your friendly neighborhood Squid Jigger here, hoping that your Valentine's Day was all warm and sensitivo? We at the SJB were reeling and swooning with a love hangover. The Set list is up and grooving, so check it out, follow the links, listen to the now sounds and have a ball, baby: THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL 15 February 2009.

If your Valentine wasn't happening, perhaps you need some guidance? Sure, it's a community service we aim to provide. And way we go. What is Love? Well now then there, a good question to seriously consider if you botched or had a lame Valentine's Day. According to Wikipedia by way of the the Oxford Illustrated American Dictionary, "Love is any number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. The word Love is both a noun and a verb. Love is not a single feeling but an emotion built from two or more feelings. Anything vital to us creates more than one feeling, and we also have feelings and thoughts about our feelings. This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes Love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states." What kind of Valentine do you give for that? According to Anthropologist, Helen Fisher, in her book, WHY WE LOVE, THE NATURE AND CHEMISTRY OF ROMANTIC LOVE, we have three core overlapping stages for Love, and they are lust, attraction and attachment. OK fine, so there is a start. When we fall in Love, the brain releases chemicals, which include pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, that stimulate the brain's pleasure center. So there you have it the perfect Valentine's day gift, stimulation of the brain's pleasure center. And hopefully that is what last Sunday's SQUID JIGGER'S BALL did for you?
C'mon with some Screaming Lord Sutch and Sonny and Cher how can you go wrong?

OK, maybe you need a bit of help? A pep in your step, perhaps?
The word aphrodisiac comes from the ever naughty Greek goddess of sensuality, Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs are believed to increase potent sexual desire when ingested or applied to the body, hubba hubba. We can start getting jiggy with ambergris or Spanish Fly or Yohimbine (see our ad in Golf Digest) or epimedium grandiflorum (better known around the Satyricon as horny goat weed). But also included in that category, certain foods have the reputation for enhancing sex and pleasure. Almonds, pine nuts, avocado, onions, eggs, mussels, tomatoes, arugula, truffles, strawberries, garlic (for those of Italian extraction), asparagus, pumpkin, bananas, honey, oysters and, of course, chocolate, to name a few. It is purported that chocolate's sweet and fat may stimulate the hypothalamus (and who isn't down with getting their hypothalamus stimulated?), which affects levels of serotonin, so get down with your bad self. For the record, medical science has no substantial proof that any particular food increases sexual desire or performance, but those buzz kills can take a walk and go play with their pocket protectors. Many cultures believe in sympathetic magic, which is based on imitation and the belief that one object can cause an analogous effect on another object. So what the hell does this have to do with chocolate, you ask? Head on over to Wellfleet Candy Company and Jade Huber, Chocolatier, will lay a little righteousness on you with an assortment of her Chocolate Oysters. So why not give her a holler at 508 246 3370? Exactly.
Hopefully you had a groovy evening. Still need help, all that rock 'em sock 'em libido and no where to go? There is always some Henry Miller, some Doctor Ruth, The Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking (Wowie zowie on page 137, how do those two hairy freaks bend like that? I need to start doing some Yoga) or The Pop-Up Kama Sutra: Six Paper-Engineered Variations for help with your sex magick karmic re-alignment. There was that so difficult? It could be worse. There is a story from Belarus, that says Valentine's Day originated from the story of Saint Valentine. After his mistress rejected him, he was so low down-hearted that he cut open his own chest and sent her his still beating heart as a testament to his undying love. When you care enough to send the very best, I guess? Up yours Hallmark. Well, it's obvious why she dumped him.