Sex Sells and SQUIDDA Helps

| 03 June 2009

Hey there Squiddies, a post to say thanks for all the support and ching-chang during WOMR's SPRING MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE DRIVE and POLKA STOMP. The set list is up and ready steady go for THE SQUID JIGGER'S BALL 17 May 2009, so give it the once over. Aside from our traditional SEX SELLS show for Spring (sadly, We were unable to sell the once popular 3-Way Membership, leaving a randy couple in Wellfleet to suffice with a Family Membership)

We had local favorites SQUIDDA live in the studios at good old 494 Commercial Street. After a few technical difficulties and with the ever important aid from Operations Manager, John-Boy Braden, the show was a hit.

We raised well over $750, A SQUID JIGGER'S BALL personal best. BIG BIG BIG THANKS and BIG BIG BIG LOVE go out to FRED BOAK, Chris Smith/COASTLINE TATTOO, MIGHTY MIGHTY MIKE SAARI, WENDY SCOTT, COLIN SAMUELSON and of course, last but never ever least, Kate Greenhalgh/LEAVE IT TO WEAVER. Also, to SQUIDDA for letting loose a killer version of COME SAIL AWAY, as always they are available for Bar Mitzvahs and Sweet 16's. A bit of the SQUIDDA set will be up soon in Low Tide-a-Phonic Sound.

Until We meet again,Keep on Jiggin'.


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