the official FRANK ZAPPA memorial squid jig

| 11 December 2008

Hey There Squiddies, well now it's been 15 years since Frank Zappa went on off into the great beyond, and all of us at the THE SQUID JIGGERS BALL/BLOG still miss him. So, here is some footage for your mirth and merriment

And for all you Hungry Freaks, here are a few more bits of unmitigated audacity for your dining and dancing pleasure.


Ned Sonntag said...

Sean Penn is startin' to look like FZ... Oliver Stone should do a film about when Vaclav Havel and FZ looked at Ambassador Shirley Temple Black funny at the Inaugural Reception in Prague and she felt moved to order the Prostate Cancer Cocktail for him from the Black Ops Boys. The Kalifornia Ed Meese element never forgave FZ for the 'The Father's A Nazi In Congress Today' line which was a direct reference to Joseph Schmitz, whose Idiot Bastard Son later became Deputy Attorney General under Ashcroft... FZ, like John Lennon, Knew Too Much.