THE SJB 12.07.08 Playlist

| 10 December 2008

Ahoy Squid Jiggers Sundays SJB was chock full O' squid. The Mighty Mighty Mike Saari joined in on the back slapping good times that is WOMR's Fall Membership Drive

THE SJB was scheduled to be the last show of the drive, so Mike and I thought it best to take on the whole burden instead of our modest show goal. We let loose a our sonic tin cups and begged for some ching chang, a mere $12,827. However, our modest $200 didn't cover the nut, but we felt that we had at least done our part. And that dear squid jigger's is the whole part of community radio. BIG BIG thanks to the Hazy Daves, Dano, Willie the Pimp, Sponge Bob, Steve from Brewster and everyone else who found some change in the sofa. But, boy howdy did we spin a show anyhows, it goes as follows:

We found some real stone cold chestnuts like this here clip of Dee Dee Ramone on the THE UNCLE FLOYD SHOW from 12 April 1991. For the record, this was a late afternoon after school kids show that aired in New Jersey. Perfection.

Hey Hey music freaks and geeks, your friendly neighborhood Squid Jigger here, to give you the 411 on my amigo and fellow WOMR DJ, Matty Dread and his new fatback greasy Blog. Dig the most his hep pearls before swine at MATTY DREADS SOUL FUNKY TRAIN BLOG