The SJB 11.23.08 Playlist

| 03 December 2008

Well now then there Squid Jigger's, the playlist for The SJB from Sunday November 23, 2008 is now available for your dining and dancing pleasure. Save room for dessert,

On November 12, 2008 the mighty Mitch Mitchell passed on to a better place (hopefully).His drumming with The Jimi Hendrix Experience was legendary.

And oh my my oh hell yes, since last we hung, had the pleasure of seeing THE EAGLES OF DEATH METAL in Boston at THE PARADISE on November 15th (thanks Kate), a rock 'em sock 'em good time. Catch them when you can, until then here is a naughty bit:


Matty Dread said...

Nice job, jerk. Finding ways to exploit the interweb that had not occurred to me. I had made a frail attempt at the bloggy thing, but lacked a real focus and motivation. Seeing you pull it off makes me want to try it again. I think I will just rip your concept entirely, and use it as a link to my playlist with a few liner notes on the show and few notes on any live shows attended by me. This also gives me a reason to start using the WOMR playlist feature again, which I have been slack about recently. Thanks a lot for putting more work on my plate, asshole.


Your Welcome, you funky ass Hep Cat. and kiddies, make it your mission to catch THE SOUL FUNKY TRAIN on WOMR with Matty Dread and have Him lay a freak on you every Saturday night from 9 to Midnight.